Pamela Anderson Plea Falls on Deaf Ears

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pamela Anderson
Governor to Pamela: Cluck Off!

This sort of activism always gives me a laugh. Pamela Anderson, in a very earnest and "I'm horrified" kind of way, wrote a letter to the governor of Kentucky telling him to remove the bust of KFC founder Col. Sanders from the Kentucky State Capitol. To which, of course, the governor responded with a very polite "Get lost, birdbrain."

What these PETA folks don't seem to get is writing half-baked letters about a bust of Col. Sanders or splashing paint on people wearing fur coats, etc. just makes their entire cause a laughing matter. They may be tackling a worthy cause, but the way they go about doing it is ridiculous. It reminds me of high school cheerleaders getting together at lunch to decide how they're going to "get" the girl who dissed them. It's juvenile, and it reduces them to parody.

Sorry Pam, this is one bust you can't touch....


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