Meg Ryan Jumps on Foreign Adoption Bandwagon

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan adopts baby girl from China

Other than the positive publicity Angelina Jolie received for doing it, I'm not sure why it's all of a sudden the "in" thing to do. Now Meg Ryan is jumping on the bandwagon by adopting a little girl from China.

Why foreign babies? Not that I have something particularly against foreign children, but there are thousands - if not millions - of American children waiting to be adopted. You mean to tell me that there wasn't a single baby here in the United States that was available? Adoption services are constantly crying out that they need adoptive parents - especially for minority babies.

China isn't a country incapable of caring for its children, so that isn't the reason. Could it be just that by going overseas, celebrities like Meg Ryan can instantly get their "baby fix" instead of going through the process here instead? My guess is that these are impulse decisions rather than life-long dreams, and that celebrities aren't willing to wait for satisfaction. So they hop on a plane, pay a local adoption agency a load of cash, and presto! they have a baby.

I'm not against Meg Ryan adopting in general; in fact, I congratulate her on the addition to the family. I just have to wonder how much of it was just so she wouldn't miss out on the latest Hollywood fad....


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