Joaquin Phoenix Nearly Kills Himself

Friday, January 27, 2006

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Walks Away from Car Wreck

The official story is that his brakes went out and his car flipped over. Yeah right. First, there's no way his car is so incredibly badly maintained that his brakes went out. I've driven some cars that have been badly maintained, and the brakes never "went out."

Second, even if your brakes go out it doesn't cause your car to flip. It might cause you to crash your car because you can't take a curve, but it's not going to flip your car.

None of this story is believable in the least. Whatever happened, it wasn't the fault of his vehicle or his brakes: he screwed up behind the wheel. Whether he was sober and speeding or under the influence of something and lost control or some combination thereof, I have no doubt that it was his own fault that he flipped his vehicle. Blaming it on the brakes is simply a way to avoid the bad publicity he would otherwise suffer.

He's lucky to have lived through his recklessness. That's all I have to say about that.


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