Lindsay Lohan Mysteriously Cuts Herself

Monday, January 30, 2006

Lindsay Lohan
Lohan gets stitched up after teacup accident

Say what? Are we seriously supposed to believe that Lindsay Lohan cut herself with a teacup so badly that she required 10 stitches? C'mon, guys...

While it's not nearly as serious an incident as Joaquin Phoenix, the cover story is just as unbelievable as "his brakes went out."

First, have you ever broken a ceramic teacup? It's not like they break into razor shards capable of cutting in an instant. They break into pieces that are relatively innocuous unless you're trying to use them to attack someone. Second, 10 stitches from a teacup? 10 stitches is almost an inch long gash. That's an awfully hefty cut from any shard of ceramics.

I understand that what really happened to her is probably embarrassing: odds are she was doing something she shouldn't have been doing and managed to injure herself in the process. What gets me is the incredible stupidity they expect people to swallow when they try to cover it up.

Listen up PR People, if your client does something stupid and gets hurt, take five minutes of thought and pay us the respect of coming up with something at least halfway believable...Obviously coming up with stories off the top of your heads is not your strong suit...


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