Eminem Takes Her Back

Monday, January 16, 2006

Rapper Eminem and ex-wife remarry

After making a fortune trashing his ex-wife to the world, Eminem has remarried her.

I've yet to hear him say he was wrong for fantasizing about her death or saying all the horrible things he did about her, but I guess marrying into millions has a way of getting a woman to forget that you embarassed her in front of the whole world, huh?

Given how things have turned out, it seems that getting clean has cleared up his perception of their marriage, and it turns out she must not be so bad after all. Most likely it was his abuse of sleeping pills that brought turbulence to their first marriage, and instead of taking responsibility for his own problems he demonized her instead.

I hope for her sake that he's kicked the habit because otherwise she's probably going to find herself the subject of some future song when she decides, once again, that she's had enough...


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