When Plastic Surgery Becomes Defamation

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stone settles lawsuit with plastic surgeon

Sharon Stone was so upset at the implication that she had plastic surgery that she was willing to go to court over it. A Beverly Hills surgeon was evidently using a photo of her in his advertisements - with the implication that he had done work on her. But Sharon was having none of it...

I understand being upset with the doctor using your face in his advertisements without your permission - especially if you've never had any work done. But I don't think that in this day and age having plastic surgery done counts as defamatory. Half the actresses have had implants, and a good portion of the other half have had other procedures like lip collagen, botox, liposuction, facelifts, etc. The ones who haven't either will as they get older or are saving up to have it soon, so the mere implication that surgery was done is pretty much meaningless.

I'm glad the suit was settled and that a couple of worthy children will get some free surgery out of the deal, but Sharon really needs to turn down her hypersenstivity chip just a tad. Forcing him to stop using the ad was all that was really necessary, the rest was her being sensitive about the fact that she's approaching 50. Relax, Sharon, we all know it, and for a woman your age, you've definitely got it going on. Suing doctors isn't going to turn back the hands of time....


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