Jamie Lee Curtis - Ex-Actress

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Curtis says she's passing on acting work

Jamie Lee Curtis is saying that she is "no longer [accepting] acting work" which will, no doubt, be a disappointment to fans of her work as an actress. She says she's looking to spend more time raising her children and writing children's books instead.

Do I believe that's her entire motivation? Yes and no. The maternal urge is certainly an admirable one: focusing on your children is important once you've made the decision to have them, but...Do I believe that if she were collecting Angelina Jolie-style paychecks for taking those acting roles that she would be making the same decision? My guess is no.

She's at a point in her career where the roles aren't optimal, and she's accumulated enough money that continuing to work as an actress is optional. So her choice is to take secondary roles in secondary films with the attendant small paychecks or do something she enjoys, so it's not exactly the Mt. Everest of decisions to be made if your children are at all a priority in your life.

That being said, everyone deserves the chance to do that at some point in their lives, so I'm glad for her that she has the freedom to do that....Don't be surprised to see her on the screen in the future though if the right role comes around...


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