Christina Aguilera Has What a Girl Wants

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Aguilera, music exec reportedly tie knot

...that is, if girls want a big diamond ring, a designer wedding gown, and a wedding in the Napa Valley...

Christina Aguilera got married this weekend to Jordan Bratman, a music executive whom she has been dating for some time now.

It had been widely rumored that this would be the big weekend for the couple, and it looks like the rumors were right (for a change).

Hopefully the marriage will be a positive influence on Aguilera. Her "X-Tina" days, which turned off many fans, may well be behind her. I, for one, thought it was a distraction from her amazing voice. She might have sold a few records based on the slutted-up image, but her voice is definitely the best of the crop of pop singers that hit the market a few years ago: Britney Spears, Jesica Simpson, and Mandy Moore and, of course, Christina Aguilera. So I thought that trying to compete with them on the sexual side was never going to be her key to long-term fame and fortune.

She's gone back to focusing more on her voice and less on her body, and hopefully that was due, in some way, to the influence of Bratman. If that's the case, this may be a marriage that has some legs...


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