Madonna's 'Frozen' Frozen

Friday, November 18, 2005

Songwriter wins case against Madonna

It's not a good day to be Madonna. She lost a plagiarism case in Belgium where it was determined that the song 'Frozen' was lifted, in large part, from a song written five years earlier by a pretty much unknown songwriter. The judge ordered that the song can no longer be sold or played in Belgium, and that's probably just the first step.

The money in the marketplace is in the U.S., and this is probably the precursor to the filing of a lawsuit here which would impact the sales and play of the song - as well as the 'Ray of Light' album on which it appears.

Madonna has the right to appeal the case though it's unknown whether or not they'll do that, but if the verdict stands she's going to owe this guy a serious amount of cash - not to mention the damage to her reputation.

I wonder what Kaballah has to say about stealing lyrics????


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