Paparazzo Lies About Aniston Photos

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Paparazzo Snaps Back at Aniston

This guy is just sleaze. He has the nerve to claim that he was horrified that he had taken pictures of a topless Jennifer Aniston! Just horrified!

He then claims they were "mistakenly" included in other photos he had sent to publications. How stupid are we supposed to be here? Topless pictures of Jennifer Aniston are big money pictures, and any paparazzo worth his weight in cow dung knows it. To believe that his version is anything close to the truth you would have to have the IQ of the same cow dung in which he's worth his weight.

C'mon, guy. These were the money shots you were there to get, and you got them. At least be a man and admit it...The denials just make you look weak...


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