King Kong Fails to Live Up to Box Office Hype

Monday, December 26, 2005

Naomi Watts
'King Kong' nudges 'Narnia' at box office

Prior to release, 'King Kong' was being hailed as the movie that would knock 'Titanic' from the top of the all-time box office record books. The Peter Jackson film starring Naomi Watts is doing very well, but it looks like the hype has exceeded the claims by a wide margin.

Personally I don't think any movie will ever make that kind of money at the box office again. 'Titanic' was released in a time before DVDs were widely available, and I think that the audience that went to see it over and over again is more likely these days to wait for it to come out on DVD instead. Why put up with annoying audiences in uncomfortable theaters when you can wait for six months and own the movie forever?


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