Nicole Richie Still Following Paris Hilton's Lead

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nicole Richie, fiance call off engagement

To almost no one's surprise, Nicole Richie is calling off her engagement to relative nobody, Adam Goldstein. After a $150,000 style makeover, she's not about to take herself off the market any time soon. Besides, Paris Hilton called off her engagement in October, and it's been just long enough that Nicole Richie can claim that the two events aren't all...really...why are you looking at her like that?

Poor Nicole, until she achieves some sort of noteriety of her own - like a successful album release that we've continually been promised, a movie vehicle which doesn't seem forthcoming, or some claim to fame that isn't related to Paris Hilton, she will continue to walk in her shadow. Nicole's smart enough to keep riding that train though...and smart enough to make it look like she isn't even when she is...


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