Too Much Ring for Paris Hilton

Friday, July 29, 2005

Giant engagement ring weighed Paris down

Poor Paris Hilton got a 24-carat engagement ring that was too heavy for her finger, so her fiance had to get her a platinum Cartier band for "everyday use."

I'm trying really hard to feel bad for poor Paris (either of them), but I just can't seem to manage any sympathy. First, NO ONE needs or looks good wearing a 24-carat ring. A stone that size just looks gaudy. If you need to impress people that badly just carry a copy of your most bank statement and whip it out as you introduce yourself. Second, Paris (boy) your girlfriend weighs approximately the same as the ring. Think about the physics involved there...and, third, when your "everyday" ring is a Cartier you're not exactly in a territory where pity would be appropriate.


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