Lohan Gets Priorities Straight

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lohan misses premiere for parents' divorce

Kudos to Lindsay. In a time when many celebrities put career above family, Lindsay took a pass on a big premiere in order to be home with her mother during a very difficult divorce.

I feel badly for Lindsay: having a troublesome relative is difficult enough, but for it to be your father and for it to be played out in the national rags has got to be hard. I'm with her when she says he doesn't deserve a dime out of the divorce. He's done nothing but be a source of pain and aggravation with his constant run-ins with the law. So how does he figure he should be entitled to anything?

A quick message to Lindsay's dad: do yourself and your daughter a favor and get over yourself. As soon as you had a child, your needs were supposed to come second and evidently almost twenty years have passed and you still haven't figured that out. Your child is a success despite you, and yet you still can't get your act straightened out. I'd pity you, but it would be more than you deserve....


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