Arnold, Jr?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Justin Jeffre thinks he can win political office too...

Justin, formerly of 98 Degrees, is planning to run for mayor of Cincinnati. (For those who may forget, Jerry Springer was once mayor there until he got caught writing a personal to a prostitute...)

Granted Cincinnati is a much smaller stage than the state of California, but count me as highly skeptical that the people will believe a former boy-band singer is qualified to sit in the mayor's office. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a long history of personal and financial philanthropy, international fame as both a bodybuilder and film star, and a successful business career outside of his movie and bodybuilding work. He also had been active politically for many years before he ran for governor.

I may have missed it, but I'm pretty sure Justin's resume is missing a couple of pieces to that puzzle....Fame doesn't equal political success: you still have to bring something more to the table than just name recognition...


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