New Websites to Blame for Light Blogging

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On a "non-news" note, I wanted to apologize to our readers for the light to non-existent blogging over the last few days. I'm pleading "very busy" to all charges...

Over the last year, JimmyKat Entertainment has grown to a network of 14 distinct websites, and our latest two websites have been keeping me tied up in knots for the past two weeks.

Lyric System is our foray into the world of song lyrics. We've already got over 120,000 songs in the database, and we've been working hard on adding as many artists, biographies, photos, posters, and yes...even song quickly as possible.

We've also added FlashPlay Arcade to the growing family. FlashPlay hosts over 1,200 flash games (so far) for your use and enjoyment. What makes FlashPlay unique is that each game has the code to let you add the game to your own website, blog, or MySpace. It's just a matter of cut-and-paste, and you can use our games to build a popular website in no time.

So that's what (mostly) has been keeping me tied up over the last few days as I've been working on getting these websites off the ground. We've got a couple more surprises up our sleeves for the next couple of months. At least two new websites are on the way, and I promise they're going to be completely different from anything we've done before.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope you'll stop by the new websites and stay with us as we keep growing.


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