Tom Sizemore's Prosthetic Penis

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well, it certainly is a creative approach to passing a drug test.
Last month a judge ordered Tom Sizemore to pass a drug test every day prior to his departure for Cambodia, the location of his next film. Sizemore is now back behind bars for failing three drug tests in three days. He was trying to conceal his use of meth with a "Whizzinator," a device that is basically a prosthetic penis sewn into boxer shorts that contains clean urine. He had a heating pack in his shorts to keep it warm, but evidently the sample still came out too cool to have really come from his body, and the police asked him to take off his boxers. Sizemore had already been caught once trying to use the device.

According to Sizemore's lawyer, he is living in a garage and expecting a baby. I hope that Sizemore is able to turn things around soon for his own health and the well-being of his family.


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