Paris can't share the limelight with sister Nicky...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Granted Paris Hilton's ourtrageous stunts, including having sex on tape and leaking it to the press or signing on for a show that portrays her as a total idiot, have garnered her a bit more fame than her sister. Granted Paris has a leg up, literally, on the beauty scales.

But hey!!!! The way I originally heard it was that Nicky is the business woman. The handbag and clothing lines were her idea and her venture. If she wants to use the Hilton name to get her stuff noticed, then go for it- Paris sure has. But, Paris needs to get her nose out of her sister's niche. Just because Nicky doesn't want to bare her ass to the world to be noticed, doesn't mean she has to step aside every time Paris walks into a room or hand over her business plans.


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