Online Petition to "Stop Ashlee Simpson"

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Well, if you are not an Ashlee Simpson fan, indeed if you truly dislike her, then you can now join more than 320,000 other people and sign the "Stop Ashlee Simpson" online petition.

If you don't care about the SNL or Superbowl fiascos and love her anyway, then you should be aware that she has begun her first concert tour. The critics aren't giving very good reviews, but that shouldn't stop the true fans.

Personally, she needs to do what she claims and "be herself." She was doing fine climbing the Hollywood ladder with her acting career. She had a small fan base that would have grown as she earned bigger parts. Instead, Ashlee and her father opted to use her sister's fame and launch a prefab instant pop career- she is the pop-Frankenstein. Note to Ashlee- people appreciate hard work, perserverance and talent. Where are yours?


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